Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sisters as the Most Competitive Relationship in the Family Free Essay Example, 1000 words

During my two weeks of stay at Kate s house, I tried very hard to woo Sally with toys and storybooks but none of that seemed to work much really, whereas Anna was so expressive and became friendly with me in no time, becoming Sally s friend was quite a challenge. I used to talk a lot to Kate about the difference between the two sisters and what she felt was the reason behind it. Kate feared that Sally was undergoing an inferiority complex, centered mainly on her complexion. I could not even conceive the idea of what Kate had told me, I felt that she was overthinking it and that in this day and age such issues do not plague young children especially in a progressive country like the United States of America. However, I was convinced when Kate narrated a few instances of situations in which Sally was targeted and ridiculed in front of her schoolmates by a few kids by making comments on her skin color and how she was so different from her sister. My heart ached for little Sally, I could not imagine what the poor child had to go through every day of her life, after all, children are children, the kids who used to make fun of Sally might just have made a comment on the evident difference in the physical appearance of the two sisters - not really knowing how deeply it affected Sally. After around a week of my stay I was on talking terms with Sally, she had finally bestowed upon me the pleasure of her company and what a charmer she was. I frequently used to ask both the sisters about their likes and dislikes, whereby Anna usually replied with tangible products, for example, she liked toys and disliked fish curry, Sally replied on a higher level of abstraction, for example she liked stories with happy endings and she disliked noise and crowds. We will write a custom essay sample on Sisters as the Most Competitive Relationship in the Family or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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